Dasar Privasi


We respect the privacy of individual’s personal information in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) and any other Malaysian laws in relation to privacy and protection of personal information.

In compliance with the requirements of the laws and to show our utmost commitment to protect individual’s personal information, we have placed the Privacy Statement which details out the frameworks and principles in relation to the protection of the personal information.

You are advised to visit our Website at www.kerepeknangka.my (“Website”), to read and understand the Privacy Statement.

Apart from this Privacy Notice as posted in our Website, we may from time to time provide notification to you of our Privacy Statement through any medium as we deem relevant and necessary to inform and create awareness to our customers and the parties who enter into business relationship with us on the protection of their Personal Information through the application of our Privacy Statement.

Should you have any enquiry or concern about this Privacy Notice and/or the Privacy Statement, kindly contact our Contact Centre at +6019 970 8897